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cordova 2001 air smoke
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Here are some pictures and movies. Some of these are older, from previous years. As soon as I have new pictures, I will add them of course.

Car stuff:

Oh happy day, I got my video grabber working decent finally. I took a bunch of track video I've shot over the past couple of years, and put it in Windows Media format. You can find links to all of them here. They range in size from 1 to 12 megs, so a quick connection helps.
Movies from GTG 2002.
Pictures from GTG 2002.
Pictures from Cedar Falls Raceway 2002.
Car ready to go racing in 2001.
Winter 2000-2001:
The fuel cell box I installed in my car
Removing the dash to remove all the AC/heater ducting
Winter 1999-2000:
The rollbar. Getting the car down to bare minimum is required
The torque box reenforcement work
BBK longtubes and how they clear a large C4 bellhousing
The engine bay getting painted while the engine was out
The engine back in it's home under the hood
Movies from GTG99 at the Bowling Green, KY dragstrip
Engine pics from when I was assembing the motor the first time in 1997
Car pictures from when I put the first engine in
Various racing pictures from the 1998 and 1999 seasons
Mini-GTG at the Jet Car Spectacular in 1998 at Interstate Dragways
Mini-GTG at the Jet Car Spectacular in 1999 at Interstate Dragways
The SPAL fans that keep my engine cool
Mini-GTG at FFW in Cordova, in 2000

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