The Garage Heater

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Front Of Heater
Here is my Reznor 75,000 BTU garage heater. It makes working in the garage in the winter bearable. I did the "work on the car in 10 degrees laying on cold concrete" thing for several years, and decided it was time to leave those miserable experiences behind.
Side of Heater
There is still some sheetrock missing right above the heater in this picture. This has since been added. The ceiling is now completely sealed and insulated, which helps retain alot of the heat. The heater will throw enough heat to increase the temperature 1 degree every minute, so from zero degrees it takes a little over an hour to bring it up to liveable temperatures.
Below Heater
You can see the stairs going in the house here. I hung the heater in this corner of the garage, so I wouldn't lose any floor space. The heater is fired on natural gas, so there are no tanks to refill.

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