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Greta and I had decided to get a puppy months ago, but we had to wait for a litter. After consulting with our friends at Northwood Valley Kennels on who was a good breeder for chocolate labs, we found Nancy Meyer of DreamMeyer Labradors, who had a litter coming in the middle of March. Brock's father is Nan-Dools Elwood Blues, a chocolate labrador who just earned his Field Champion title, and Brock's mother is Meyer's Mikayla Erins Edge, or Kitty for short, Nancy's female, who also has excellent blood lines. Enough about history, lets get to some pictures!

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Brock 4 Weeks
This was out first time meeting our future puppy. At this point we hadn't decided who out of the litter we were going to pick. We had third pick out of five males, so we had to wait for the first two people to pick their puppy anyway. But we got pictures of most of the puppies, and Brock was one of them. Nancy puts a collar on all the puppies at about 2 weeks, which are color coded, and they keep the collar on until they are picked up.
Puppies on Lap
Mom Watching
These pictures were taken when the puppies were 4 weeks old. We played with all 9 little puppies for a good 45 minutes. I had to tear Greta away from them! Kitty the mother was keeping a close eye on us, but she was very good about it. We sure hope her demeanor passes on to her kids.
Brock with Duck
Brock with Duck
These pictures were taken when the puppies were 5 1/2 weeks old. We came to choose our puppy and decided on the one with the green collar. Here is Brock playing with a stuffed toy duck.
Other Boys
These are the other two boys that were left to pick from. It was a REALLY hard choice!
Brock with Ashley
We brought Brock home on May 2nd, and cousin Ashley came by to visit.
Brock at Play
Brock at Play
Brock loves to play....
Brock at Play
Brock at Play
...and play...
Sleepy Puppy
...and sleep on daddy's feet.
You can find the rest of the pictures we've taken here. (Be warned, there's a lot of them!)

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